History About the Old Bridge-Sayreville Rotary Club

Our original club charter was issued by Rotary International on May 13, 1960. This charter was issued in the name of the Madison Township Rotary Club. The document was signed by then International President Harold T. Thomas and by then General Secretary George R. Means. We were sponsored and assisted in organizing by the South Amboy Rotary Club and our Charter Night was held on Thursday evening June 30, 1960. Our first president, Tom Browne, in the classification of Auto Sales Manager, led our first meeting at the Pumpkin Shell Restaurant on Route 9. This eventually became Lily Langtrey and has since been replaced by a 7-11. Our meeting places over the years have been held at the Pumpkin Shell, Old Clare & Coby's (Route 9 Sayreville), Dorian Manor, Pier 34 (Route 34), Clare & Coby's (Route 34 & 9), Howard Johnson's (Sayreville), El Quixote (Sayreville) Don Quixote's (Matawan), Ocean Blue (Sayreville), and Buttonwood Manor (Matawan). We have always been a dinner club and continue to meet on Thursday nights at 6:30 P.M. Over the years, we have been very active in both fund raising and community services. Our efforts can be categorized as:

Senior Services

Youth Services and Scholarship Awards

Community Services

International Services

Current Activities